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Segmentation with MEXL Part III

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Making a Systematic Business Case for Marketing Analytics

Business analytics is a hugely popular area these days. I started working in this field in 2005 back in India at MeritTrac. Even that time in Bangalore every other person I used to meet was working in the analytics business. India has many business analytics outsourcing firms and is expected to lead the global analytics services business by 2015 with 70% market share [PDF].

Due to the "big data," (huge amounts of data that are piling up at unprecedented speeds) and issues related to law, privacy, and trade secrets, large corporations prefer to set up in-house analytics divisions. They can be at the enterprise level or at the SBU levels. In either case, the cost of implementation can run in millions. The two main direct costs relate to the IT systems (hardware as well as software) and the human resources. Vendors such as IBM, SAS, and Oracle are major players in the analytics IT systems market and their systems are costly due to the scale of the client companies' operati…

Inforgraphic on Big Data

IBM has been very active in business analytics lately. One of their largest acquisitions in analytics field is that of SPSS. In their global CMO survey, IBM found that many CMOs think big data analytics is a key challenge facing their functions.

The following two infographics provide a few interesting numbers about big data. The most striking statistic is the enormous growth rate in the databases - 60% per year! With this super growth, Healthcare sector is expected to see average database size of 665 TB per hospital by 2015! This is equivalent to putting 133,000 movies (5 GB each) on each hospital's data center.

Optical Illusions

I use these two videos to bring home the point that human beings can be fooled way too easily! This lays the foundation for the discussion "Why we need to study marketing analytics?"

Just One Amazon Prime for Singapore...Please!

We left the USA last June and moved to Singapore. The life in upstate NY was pretty chilled. The cost of living was very low and even though we lived in a small town, we had access to most of the important retailers. For example, we had TJ Maxx, A&F, Macy's, Sears, JCP, Finish Line, Foot Locker, Gap, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart Super Store, and Wegman's. But above all, being in the USA we had Amazon Prime!

For those who are not aware of Prime, it is an amazing service from Amazon. In a nutshell, for about $80 a year you get free 2-day shipping on the items sold from Amazon. But there are many more benefits to it and you should check them from the above link. Kid Dynamite, one of the bloggers I follow religiously has talked about Prime. You should check it out (both, Amazon Prime and Kid's Blog!)

When we arrived in Singapore, we were shocked to see the prices. Although as a professor I earn much more than as a PhD student, I was still taken aback by the prices. For exam…