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Groupon Products

Groupon offers a number of products. Here is the description of their products from the S-1 they filed with SEC.

1) Featured Daily Deals    We distribute a featured daily deal by email on behalf of local merchants to subscribers using our targeting technology, which distributes deals to subscribers based on their location and personal preferences. We also have offered daily deals from more than 40 national merchants, including Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop, Hyatt Regency, InterContinental Hotels, Lions Gate, Redbox, Shutterfly and Zipcar across subsets of the North American market. We initially offered one daily deal to all subscribers in a given market but now offer several daily deals in most established markets. We launched this product in October 2008 and it is offered in all of our North American and international markets.
2) Deals Nearby     Daily deals that do not appear as a featured daily deal appear as Deals Nearby. Each Deal Nearby currently is summarized in fewer than …

A Few Videos on Consumer Behavior

Need Recognition

Information Search

Product Evaluation

Choice and Purchase





Understanding Consumer Behavior

Below you will find a small 4-minutes video of an interesting case of overlooking consumer behavior in Democratic Republic of Congo, an African country. The country, like many other in Africa, faces increasing HIV cases. However, the condom usage is a paltry 3%. There are several charities, NGOs, and top brands educating and pushing condoms to the men (via advertising, branding, and condom dispensers, etc.) without much of success. On the other hand, the local, generic condom brands are in great demand! How is it that the firms with top dollars and great insight backed by consumer research cant convince the DRC males to use their condoms, even when they are free, while generic brands achieve this easily? Check out the TED video for the answer!