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Just One Amazon Prime for Singapore...Please!

We left the USA last June and moved to Singapore. The life in upstate NY was pretty chilled. The cost of living was very low and even though we lived in a small town, we had access to most of the important retailers. For example, we had TJ Maxx, A&F, Macy's, Sears, JCP, Finish Line, Foot Locker, Gap, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart Super Store, and Wegman's. But above all, being in the USA we had Amazon Prime!

For those who are not aware of Prime, it is an amazing service from Amazon. In a nutshell, for about $80 a year you get free 2-day shipping on the items sold from Amazon. But there are many more benefits to it and you should check them from the above link. Kid Dynamite, one of the bloggers I follow religiously has talked about Prime. You should check it out (both, Amazon Prime and Kid's Blog!)

When we arrived in Singapore, we were shocked to see the prices. Although as a professor I earn much more than as a PhD student, I was still taken aback by the prices. For example, my Oral-B floss for which I used to pay $1.29 in the USA costs a freaking $ 4.20 (S$ 5.50) in Singapore! Many things are not available. For example, Listerine strips, which I used to buy from Sam's Club aren't available in Sg. My guess is that because we have many more British expats as compared to the Americans, we don't get the US stuff easily. It's a shame because American stuff is so much cooler, or at least I think so!

Amazon Prime is limited to USA only. Worse, Amazon doesn't ship many items outside the USA. So what does a person like me do? Turns out that we have a solution, albeit a costly one. Nevertheless, Borderlinx is a service that lets us get the stuff from the USA and the UK. We need to just have a Citibank credit card. Once we create the account with Borderlinx, they generate a suite number for us. This number is equivalent to a post box number. Their US warehouse is in Ohio. Once we buy stuff from various retailers such as Amazon, JCP, etc., we can ship it to our Boerderlinx suite address. They hold the stuff for one month while you accumulate multiple items to ship. They consolidate all your items and then ship them together. You can specify multiple addresses such as home and office. They take care of the customs duty, etc. and charge everything to the Citibank card.

I think this is a great service although it is costly to ship stuff from the US to Sg. In my case, for some reason Amazon shipped the floss in a 2.5 Kg pack. That's a little heavy for me, but I couldn't do anything about it. Borderlinkx won't open that package either. So, I am paying quite a lot to basically ship cardboard from the USA. Turns out that even then the floss is going to be cheaper!

If you have any other solutions, please let me know. I will really appreciate it. If you are visiting Singapore from the US, I may ask you to get me some stuff too!! :)


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